Medical and Nursing Facility Treatments

Sliding Scale Medical and Nursing Facility Program

At CSIM we provide acupuncture and addiction detox treatments at medical and nursing facilities. At these facilities we provide traditional acupuncture, community style acupuncture, NADA addiction detox treatments, and an array of other Oriental Medicine services. We work closely with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other health professionals to provide integrated and complimentary care for their clients. Many of the facilities we work with serve clients from low income and homeless populations who otherwise would not be able to access acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Our fee schedule is negotiated with the facility itself based on a greatly reduced sliding scale. The facilities pay what they can afford and they offer our services free for their clients and employees. We typically treat 1-5 patients per hour with an average of 12-30 patients per week. Oriental Medicine and treatment styles are incredibly flexible, so we can always find a way to work with your organization's unique needs.

Community Acupuncture
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