Clear Stream Integrative Medicine (CSIM) has been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since January of 2012. Our activities have primarily been divided into five categories corresponding with our nonprofit mission. These categories are sliding scale acupuncture and Oriental Medicine consultations, acupuncture and addiction detox treatments at medical and nursing facilities, sliding scale and free community health education classes, and Oriental Medicine education and treatment carried out by CSIM in international communities.

Sliding Scale Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program

We provide sliding scale acupuncture and Oriental Medicine consultation, both in our clinic and in the community. Our sliding scale fee schedule allows for patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it to receive acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treatments. We do not ask for proof of income for our sliding scale, instead we ask clients to pay what they are able to at that time. 

Sliding Scale Medical and Nursing Facility Program

At CSIM we provide acupuncture and addiction detox treatments at medical and nursing facilities. At these facilities we provide traditional acupuncture, community style acupuncture, NADA addiction detox treatments, and an array of other Oriental Medicine services. We work closely with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other health professionals to provide integrated and complimentary care for their clients. Many of the facilities we work with serve clients from low income and homeless populations who otherwise would not be able to access acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

Community Outreach Program

CSIM volunteers and staff provide treatments at health fairs and fundraisers for a variety other community groups and non-profits. Our services are provided for free, and any donations for these treatments go directly to the organization for whom we are volunteering. We also regularly donate gift certificates to fundraising auctions at a variety of non-profits in the Massachusetts and Colorado. Examples of organizations we have worked with are; Denver area elementary schools, Denver Hospice, The LGBTQ Community Center of Denver, Big Paws Great Dane Rescue, Zack’s House Children’s Leukemia Support Organization, Tibetan Children’s Fund, Orgyen Khamdroling Buddhist Center, Pan African Acupuncture Project, American Friends Service Committee, and the Colorado AIDS Project.  We typically engage in five to ten community volunteer events per year and we always welcome inquiries from interested organizations. 

Community Education Program

At CSIM we have been providing sliding scale, donation based, and free community health education classes. These classes are typically focused on home health, which includes preventative health practices that anyone can practice as well as many traditional “home remedies.” We have been developing new curriculum and plan to continue and expand these community education classes.


International Education and Medicine Program

In 2013, CSIM began providing Oriental Medicine education and free acupuncture treatments internationally, specifically in Tanzania. To date our activities in Tanzania include: teaching acupuncture and Oriental Medicine techniques to healthcare practitioners; teaching Oriental Medicine home health classes in the community, with a focus on patients suffering from TB and HIV; participating in a variety of community health projects based on the needs of the population being served; providing free acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treatments to low and no-income populations throughout Tanzania . During this project were able to provide more than one hundred free acupuncture treatments and forty Oriental Medicine education session to individuals. This project was completed in July of 2013 and was considered successful in regards to community response and fulfillment our project goals. 

In 2014-2015 we began several projects in Cambodia. Our sliding scale clinic was opperating in the capitol Phnom Penh and we were able to treat many wonderful Cambodians as well as ex-pats and travelers from all over the world. There are very few adequate medical services in Cambodia, both Western medicine and holistic medicine are difficult to access for both Cambodians and foreign visitors. Currently there is a great need for more holistic medicine services in Cambodia, and we hope to see more affordable high quality offerings there in the future. 

We also set up a program to support Cambodia’s traditional medicine practitioners. Many of the traditional doctors and spiritual lineages were wiped out during the Khmer Rouge era and not a lot has been done to support their return. We worked to support several groups of traditional medicine and traditional spiritual healers. Among these groups are several that utlize an ancient system of sacred geometries and spiritual tattoos as part of their healing methods. We continue to support them by creating and maintaining websites to showcase their work. Please visit our resources page to see some of their artwork and learn about this fascinating tradition. 

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