Herbal and Nutritional Medicine

Herbal Medicine

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Herbal medicine is the oldest known form of human medicine. All over the world, through all of human history, we have been exploring our relationship to the plants, minerals and animals around us. Along the way we have learned, and forgotten, and learned again what healing and nutritional values our natural world has to offer. This form of medicine has kept us alive and healthy for all of human history. In the modern day we have moved away from relying on natural medicines and the focus of Western medicine has turned almost soley towards pharmaceutical drugs. This shift has left behind some of our greatest natural medical resources, and it is increasingly important that we don't ignorantly throw away any potential beneficial medications. Herbal medicine still holds incredible potential for both the treatment of disease and to increase our health and vitality. Unlike Western pharmaceutical medicine, herbal medicines typically are easier for the body to process, are more balanced and have less side effects. 

At Clear Stream Integrative Medicine we help you find the best that medicine has to offer. We prescribe herbal medicines that can either work alone or in conjunction with Western pharmaceutical drugs. 

With herbal formulas we are able to create sophisticated medicines whose ingredients work together to create a synergistic effect where many herbs are able to balance and support each other. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbals are complex formulas developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and Herbalists to treat specific conditions. 

Chinese Herbalism has been used, studied and documented by medical professionals for over 2,000 years. 

We base our herbal recommendations on the complex and elegant theories of herbal medicine from Chinese Medicine. However we don’t stop there, we try to incorporate modern knowledge and research on herbal and nutritional science into our formulas. In order to provide the best that herbal medicine has to offer we stretch outside traditional Chinese Herbal medicine and prescribe herbs from around the world.


Modern Herbal Medicine

Every culture the world over, at some point in history, developed their own herbal medicine tradition. Each of these traditions varies in many aspects, from their unique medical theory to the ingredients used. Naturally an herbal tradition would be focused on plants found within their native environment and disease pattern common to their environment. 

In modern herbalism we have the unique advantage of being able to access both the traditional herbal theories and the unique herbs that come from traditions and environments all over the planet. 

A major advantage of herbal medicine in the modern day is in the quality and safety of herbal preparations. Thanks to modern science we have the capacity to test herbal products for toxicity and contaminants. We also now have a growing body of knowledge of how herbal medicines interact with pharmaceutical prescription and over the counter drugs. Many traditional herbalists  do not understand the complex interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedies and this can be dangerous for patients on certain medications. 

Our herbal recommendations always take into consideration what will be the most effective and safest way for our patients to use herbal medicine. We are trained in recognizing known herb-drug interactions.

Unfortunately many herbal preparations currently available do not follow internationally recognized standards for safety such as GMP (good manufacturing practices) and are sometimes contaminated. 

We strictly follow the highest quality and safety standards including, when ever possible, using organic and regularly tested GMP certified herbal products.

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Herbal Medicine at Clear Stream Integrative Medicine

At Clear Stream Integrative Medicine we combine the best herbal medicine from around the planet with Chinese Herbalism and always incorporate modern methods and standards. We feel that our patients deserve the best that herbal medicine has to offer, so we constantly strive to expand our understanding and practice of herbal medicine. 

All of our herbalists are Nationally Certified in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the USA.  

We can incorporate herbal therapy recommendations into your acupuncture treatment or you can schedule a private Herbal Consultation. Our clinic has a full herbal pharmacy with primarily pill and capsule herbs. We also have a variety of pediatric formulas and liquid tinctures. All of our herbs are contaminant free raw herbs or high quality extracts that meet or exceed international quality and safety standards.

Professional Grade Supplements

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       Aloe Vera (Liu Hui)- Cooling, promotes digestive regularity, protects and repairs the skin, high nutritional value.

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