What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an integrative, systems-based approach to health that pulls from cutting-edge Western medical research. It differs from conventional Western medicine because it recognizes the important interrelations between the systems in the body. Functional Medicine works to optimize the function of these systems, treating the body as an interconnected whole while working to find the root causes of health issues.

To achieve this, Functional Medicine utilizes a comprehensive approach that evaluates many factors not typically included in conventional medicine, but key to health.  Such factors range from patient’s dietary habits, the environments we live and work in including potential toxin exposure, our emotional well-being including our response to stress, as well as our particular genetic make-up.  This information allows us to form a truly comprehensive and integrative picture of health and healing. 

Functional Medicine uses a variety of diagnostic tools, including a detailed intake interview, questionnaires, health history, and comprehensive lab testing to discover which systems need addressing.   The following are examples of key issues critical to health that we evaluate with patients:

·      Digestive health (health of the microbiome)

·      Hormonal balance (adrenal and stress hormones as well as sex    and metabolism regulating hormones)

·      Brain and nervous system health

·      Cardiovascular function and systemic circulation

·      The body’s ability to detox

·      Chronic and acute pain

·      Diet and nutrition (individualized)

·      Mind/body balance

·      Nutrigenomics (genetic testing to see how our bodies interact with our diets and our environment)

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In our approach to Functional Medicine we use natural treatments and lifestyle modifications to address the underlying causes of health issues as well as optimize well-being.  Such treatments can include herbal medicine, supplements, and acupuncture and may also include individualized nutritional recommendations, exercise and stress reduction techniques. When needed, we welcome communicating with our patient’s other doctors or specialist so that care is as integrated as possible.

With its emphasis on discovering root causes and treating the mind/body as an integrated whole, Functional Medicine is uniquely suited to prevent and reverse many chronic conditions as well as optimizing overall health.   

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