Acupuncture Outreach

At Clear Stream Integrative Medicine we offer mobile individual and community acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treatments. With our outreach program, we bring the healing benefits of acupuncture to your community or business. Within your environment, we create a relaxing treatment setting. The adaptability of community acupuncture allows us to give effective and therapeutic treatments at almost any location. It is our goal to help you and your communities achieve greater health and wellbeing.

Our Community Outreach Acupuncture sessions takes place in a group setting, where patients lay in comfortable recliner chairs and receive acupuncture in their arms, legs, scalp and ears. It's an affordable way to address individual health care needs, while providing the opportunity to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Individual Outreach Acupuncture sessions take place one on one with the acupuncturist in a private setting. Treatments can be on a massage table or in a comfortable reclining chair and sessions can last from 30-90 minutes depending on your needs. Individual Outreach Acupuncture is a great way to get full acupuncture treatments within your own work, living or community space. 

Outreach Acupuncture treatments are a great opportunity to address the health care needs of your self, your family, business, organization or group. Benefits of Outreach Acupuncture include:

  • Professional, friendly and knowledgeable acupuncturists
  • Relief of stress and recharge
  • With community style group treatments: he unique experience of sharing a relaxing and therapeutic environment. Patients benefit from the synergistic healing effects of a group setting. We can accommodate up to 5 patients per hour in community sessions.
  • Individual treatments allow for a full acupuncture session within a private, quiet and relaxing setting. We can accommodate up to 3 patients an hour in private sessions.
  • Flexible treatment schedule. Since we don't do a lot of talking, you can receive a quick treatment on busy days, or, if you need time to relax, you can sit with the needles in for as long as you like.
  • A vast spectrum of mental and physical health treatments (see our list of conditions treated).
  • Preventative care and performance enhancement.
  • Healthy and balanced individuals are essential for building healthy communities.
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